Korey Nielson is the instructor and owner of Lil' Swimmer Aquatics, a company dedicated to the charter of teaching infants and children water safety techniques. Korey and his family have been swimming, and water sports enthusiasts over the years, and have recognized the importance of arming children with water survival and swimming skills.

Korey is a graduate of the PediaSwim Academy in Winter Garden, Florida. This organization has been involved in teaching thousands of children swimming and water survival techniques since 1992. He is a member of the The National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA), holds a bachelors of science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Utah and is a former Certified Personal Trainer. He is certified through the American Health Association for Adult, Child/Infant CPR, Adult, Child/Infant AED and is certified in Water Safety. If you are interested in becoming a swim instructor for your community or organization please contact Korey.

Korey is excited to be able to have such a rewarding career helping children and the community by teaching children in the Southshore area survival swimming techniques. He began his career with Lil' Swimmer Aquatics when his son Logan got involved in his first swimming lessons. He quickly realized the importance of children learning these skills to help protect themselves from family and neighborhood swimming pools where 98% of drownings of children ages 1-4 occur. He contacted SouthWest Aquatics where he went through an extensive hands-on training and academic study program and was certified through the PediaSwim Academy.

What parents are saying:

“I'm amazed at the progress my three year old has made with Korey! I was not a believer in teaching infants to float until I watched Korey get a baby to swim and float to him. It gave me goosebumps to watch this amazing event!!!”

“My son Ryan just finished his third week of classes. The progress is amazing. Korey is an excellent instructor with more patience than anyone else I know.”

“My daughter Savanna just learned to float! Korey is a great swim teacher."

After Gena Penland completed her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from University of West Florida and Troy State University, Gena taught children with autism for 9 years.  After staying home for 8 years with her two children, she is excited to have a new career with Lil' Swimmer Aquatics working and doing something she loves.  Her children went though lessons as toddlers and it sparked a passion in swimming and being able to teach kids the necessary skills to be safe in the water.  She has always loved the water and teaching children, so this new endeavor combines those into a perfectly suited profession! She is certified and trained thru Lil' Swimmer Aquatics and has been certified in Child/Infant CPR thru St. Joseph's Hospital.

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*Lesson times are filled on a first come, first served basis based on date and time. Due to scheduling and demand, priority is given to students ready to start lessons immediately. Every effort will be made for lessons to meet your schedule but lessons scheduled more than two weeks in advance may not be available.

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I am dedicated to providing quality swim instruction in the fight to prevent pediatric drowning. At Lil' Swimmer Aquatics we are working hard to expand and build a year round facility with multiple instructors in the water to meet the high demand. I am currently seeking sponsors and/or donations in this cause to provide year round instruction and fight these preventable tragedies. If you are interested please contact me or any help is appreciated.