Lil' Swimmer Aquatics



What age can my child start taking lessons?

Children from the ages of about 6 months to about 7 years of age may take classes.

How Often Should Lessons Be Scheduled?

To acquire swimming skills lessons will be conducted 4-5 days a week of approximately 10 minutes per lesson for children under the age of about 3. Children from 3-6 may take the 3 day a week program but it may take longer for them to acquire the necessary skills. Maintenance lessons should be continued 1-2 times per week. It is very important for children to maintain a regular schedule and consistency is the key.


How Many Lessons Will My Child Need?

Progress is determined by your child's own level and learning style as all lessons are private. Most students under 12 months complete rollback to float in about 4-6 weeks of lessons. Children 12 months and older learn the swim-float-swim technique typically in 4-8 weeks.

Will My Child's Head Get Wet or Go Under?

The simple answer to this is yes. Every child from the very youngest are taught swimming properly. This means their head will be in the water and they will learn proper technique. At first it may be difficult but children learn and adapt quickly.

Why Are Lessons Only 12 Minutes?

Each lesson is private so the attention is undivided. Also, young children have a short attention span and 12 minutes of learning something very new to them is a lot to take in. Although 12 minutes may seem short a lot can be accomplished in that time.