Swim Lessons


There are few things that you will need to do for your child's lessons. Make sure you bring 2 or more towels, they will need a double layer swim diaper (not the disposable kind) unless they are already potty trained, and no food or dairy products for at least one hour & a half before their lesson. Meals that are carbohydrates such as bread, cereal, and fruits are recommended for their meal prior to their lesson. Save proteins for after the lesson and provide lots of encouragement and support and you are ready to go. 

Children 6 months to about 3 years of age should take lessons 4-5 days a week for approximately 12 minutes each lesson, with consistency being key. Most children's lessons will last around 4-6 weeks but again every child is different and some may take more time than others.

Students that are about 4-7 years of age may take the 4-5 day a week program or they may take the 3 day a week program. If they do not have prior swim lesson experience it is usually recommended to do the full program. Each lesson in the 3 day program will also be approximately 12 minutes in length.

Once your child has mastered the basic skills it is imporant to keep them skilled and swimming so we do offer a 2 day maintenance program. Do not wait as other courses suggest of refresher classes every year because your child is continually adapting, growing & learning.


No child is just thrown in the water. Every one will be evaluated and lessons will progress at their speed and comfort level. Lessons are not easy but children can progress very fast and most parents will be quite amazed at what their child is capable of.