Lil' Swimmer Aquatics



  • Payment - weekly fees are payable by check (payable to Lil’ Swimmer Aquatics), cash or PayPal. Payment is due in full every Monday and is nonrefundable. In the 4-day swim program the 5th day is included and recommended but optional and dependent on weather for all students. If it is raining hard or lightning in the area, we will not swim your child. We will make every effort to contact you ahead of time to cancel the lesson if this occurs. We will attempt to reschedule the lesson later in the day when possible. If two or more lessons are canceled during the week due to weather you will not be charged for canceled lessons. When finishing up lessons at least one week's notice is required. The last week of lessons is prepaid in advance at time of registration.

  • Time Schedule -You should arrive at the pool 5 minutes before your time slot and have your child ready for lessons at his/her scheduled time. Our schedule is very full and a lesson cannot be guaranteed if you are not ready on time. Out of respect for all parents/students, if you show up 5 minutes late for a lesson, you may have a shortened lesson on that day or miss the lesson entirely if you are too late.

  • Attendance Policy - Consistency is crucial when learning survival swimming skills. Bringing your child every day will increase the rate of progress and retention of skills. Lessons are not pro-rated and you are required to pay for all scheduled lessons. If your child will miss due to vacation or other planned absence it must be scheduled the week in advance. Remember you are paying for a time slot and it is important that you strictly adhere to the attendance policy as there is most likely another student waiting for your child’s time slot. It is important for you to make a commitment to your child’s lessons, which means maintaining a consistent schedule whenever possible. Lessons canceled by the Instructor for illness, pool closures, vacation, etc. are fully credited back to you when it is two or more lessons canceled during the week in the 4 day program or fully credited back for other programs. If you need special arrangements or have a planned vacation, please feel free to discuss this with me.

  • Attire - Children that are not potty-trained must wear 2 swim diapers (cloth preferred).  2 layers of protection must be worn at all times when in the pool. A swimsuit may be worn over the 2 forms of protection but does not count as a layer. Parents will be asked to join your child in the pool if you want to. However, you will not be expected in the pool on a daily basis unless requested by me, since a relationship between instructor and child is an important dynamic in early lessons.

  • Diet - For children under the age of 3 no eating or drinking anything at least 1-½ hours prior to lessons. For children over 3 it is recommended to not eat at least 1 ½ hour’s prior but having liquids such as water are not a problem. No dairy products, fruit or other starchy foods for 2 hours prior to lessons.

  • Sibling/Child supervision- Please keep all children that are not having a lesson seated quietly next to you. Do not allow them in or near the water. It is distracting (not to mention unsafe) to the instructor and student if other children are running around, or trying to play in the water. Parents are not to get into the water unless asked to do by the instructor and only during their lesson time.
  • We reserve the right to dismiss students who have not followed policy. This includes for not paying promptly for lessons, being late to lessons consistently, not being up to date on vaccinations, etc.